It’s time to get active at Computer Gym!

With the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and an increasing focus on the health of our children, this term’s topic comes at a great time.

Many of our activities this term will be focused on aspects of health and nutrition. Topics include:

  • Nutrition and a balanced diet,
  • The five food groups,
  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Our bodies,
  • Exercise and activity.

Of course there will also be more problem solving, puzzles, creativity exploration and laughs – all the things your child loves about Computer Gym. There’s more detail about this term’s programme at the right.

As parents, we often wonder about the time children spend on computers and the associated risks.

Computer Gym is about teaching good habits, early. The pre-school age is the ideal time to introduce children to self-regulation. It applies to many aspects of their life – the food they eat, the way they spend their time and they way they look after their body are just some.

We love children to spend time looking at books, but we would worry if they sat and read the same book for hours at a time, or were looking at materials that are unsuitable. Use of computers is no different. We recommend periods of 30 minutes, perhaps 3 or 4 times per week, as sufficient for pre-school children. This strikes a healthy balance between their needs to learn and their needs to explore other opportunities. Of course, this is very much dependant on the computer activities they are doing and their educational value.

This term’s focus is all about balance.