This term we will be using some fantastic software to explore early childhood maths topics. We’ll make pictures and tessellations, as well as look at concepts such as ‘same & different’, sorting and sizes. Positional and directional words will also be a feature.

There will also be lots of quick auditory and visual discrimination games to keep us all on our toes.

Computer, laptop, screen, shut down,

desktop, space bar, enter key, cursor,

hot spot, double click, click and drag.

These are some of the words that we use every week at Computer Gym. For many children, the introductory phase has passed and they are increasing and reinforcing their computer vocabulary and skills with each lesson. 

It’s terrific how young minds are always open to new words and challenges.

The children are discovering that there is more than one way to start their programs, and each week exit the game and shut down their computer. They are also becoming aware of different navigational tools as we explore a variety of software.