Our teachers love to get your feedback about how children are loving their Computer Gym lessons. Please call or email us with your comments or suggestions. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of comments from parents about their children’s fun and learning at Computer Gym. Here are some of them.

This is the best thing I have ever done – Dylan, aged 4.

Chloe is enjoying the course and tells us things when we are on our computer at home. Well done – good start to school life with computers.

We have also noticed that Hugh has learnt a lot in just 1 term. Thanks! 

Gemma is enjoying Computer Gym and happily works in her activity book. We’ve seen an improvement in her approach to using computers at home (she’s now more gentle as well as more confident and skilled with the mouse etc). We like reading the skills assessment and comments in her activity book (it lets us know the teacher has seen it, for one thing).

Matthew…has thoroughly enjoyed computer Gym – it’s a highlight of his week. Many thanks to Carolyn. 

We are very pleased with Eva’s knowledge with the computer.

I loved getting his progress report. I know now he is getting some benefit from the course.

Thankyou very much for the assessment for Term 3. We are very pleased with Madeline’s progress and most of all the enjoyment she receives from the lessons.

My daughter Darcy Jo has developed amazing skills. I am very impressed at how she negotiates her way around the screens with her mouse. She asks me almost everyday to log her onto the ABC Kids website so she can play all the games and puzzles. Thank-you to Jo who has done an amazing Job. Darcy loves it! 

The program is great and the book to do at home is great. Would it be possible to put in the book or send home with the children the name of the programs and publishers of the programs they use each week.

Damien is really enjoying his computer class and has developed a strong friendship with his buddy, Corey. 

Cody is really enjoying the classes. I would just like a little feedback some how on what he’s doing and how he is going.

Justin has had a lot of fun with this. Thanks. 

Tochukwu likes the Computer Gym, hope he will have more in future.

Margaret has enjoyed her Computer Gym very much. …. So, thank you very much for the experience she has had over the past year. 

Both Kaitlin and Nicola enjoy their Computer Gym every week.

My son Yianni is quite computer literate. From the technical point of view, he is quite advanced. He needs something a little more challenging. Question: How do you accommodate individual needs (ie levels of understanding) if the partner is at a different level? 

I would like to thank all the staff that has taught my son Caine over the past year. He has learnt so much from your staff. Thanks again.

Great program and great idea with the work book that reinforces the concept learnt! Max has gained a lot from doing this project. I feel he will have a good start at Primary School next year. Max has really enjoyed the program!! 

Shani is happy to learn Computer Gym. She tells Mum all about it. I am happy she enjoying it.

Just to let you know Cody loves his Computer Gym lessons and is excited to go to crèche on a Monday when he knows he is having a lesson. Thank-you!

One of the classes got cancelled (20/09/06) but no notification was given. Please let us know when classes are cancelled. We do not get much feedback from the computer tutor. We would like to know on a weekly basis what has been done, achieved and the progress of the child.

A very big “Thank-you” to Allan who has taught Ronan this year. Ronan has thoroughly enjoyed his Computer Gym sessions and has learnt many new skills that he is very happy to show off at home. We appreciate the time and knowledge you have shared with our son, thank you! A merry Christmas to all and health and happiness in the New Year.

Capri really enjoyed her classes and learnt a lot. 

Kane loves Computer Gym.

I think what you offer kinder children is fantastic. Keep it up. Keanan really enjoyed his lessons.

The homework aspect this term is great. It helps me to understand what Liam has actually done during the session and it’s a type of review for him. He loves Computer Gym!

An individual child report at the end of term of how they have progressed is important. 

Would love to have Internet access or disk access to some of the exercises to practice at home computer. Or some good sites to visit to help with the practice of it.

Cooper really enjoys the computer lessons and tells us what he has learnt each Wednesday. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for the children. 

Jason loves his computer lesson each Friday, he always talks about what he has learnt. He also loves his computer book, he calls it his homework book.

Bronte is loving Computer Gym, and has amazed us at home with her computer skills.

Hi, just thought I would let you know that Darcy enjoys your classes very much, everytime he sees kids on computers he says out loud “Comfuter Gym” (note the F). So thankyou – keep up the good work.

Jenet loves Monday morning when she has Computer Gym. She loves having homework to do when she comes home. She has much more confidence. 

Alicia loves Computer Gym Thank-you for making it so much fun.

My daughter loves Computer Gym and cannot wait till Friday afternoon to learn more things. I think that it is wonderful introducing children to computers at such a young age. When they get older they will know how to use it well because of the head start they had. 

My daughter comes home from kindy talking about Tina her teacher and what she has done. Her activity book is opened as soon as we get home. She loves to get onto the computer and explore things. Great work’

Conrad loving Computer Gym. 

Jack seems to really enjoy Computer Gym and loves doing the activities in the activity book.

I really value that there was a detailed report on Emily’s progress with how she is developing her skills in using the computer! All is going well, and she absolutely loves it. 

Cooper is really enjoying his lessons and looks forward to them every week.

Charlie has really enjoyed his 1st term of Computer Gym. Thankyou for organising his “make-up” lessons this term, due to our holiday. 

Madeleine thinks the classes are fantastic. She will come home and want to use the home computer and play the ABC and Kids Pix games and educational packages we have. We are thrilled with her progress and she is always keen to do her “homework”. Many thanks.

When the lessons were cancelled at the time it would have been good to have been notified that they were being cancelled. 

Jena loves Computer Gym it’s an incentive to get her up and off to day care on Thursday. She talks about Maria all the time and enjoys her homework if only that would last the 12 years! I sat in on a session a few weeks ago I was really impressed with what she’d learned.

Adam enjoys Computer Gym and always comes home on a Tuesday enthusiastic and wanting to share his new talents. He was very disappointed in ANZAC day saying it’s not fair “why does it have to be ANZAC day today. 

Our daughter enjoys the lesson on Thursday’s and speaks about what she has learnt- positive.

Thankyou for the great work you have done with Tiago. Every morning he wakes up he asks if it’s Computer Gym day. It took a bit of time to make him understand it’s changed from Tuesday to Friday but if it were up to him it would be Computer Gym everyday. He loves it!! Thanks again.

… I don’t want Zane to miss out on any of the Computer Gym Classes as he loves it so much (he has to take his computer book to bed with him!!!!)

Jemma has enjoyed her lessons and it is wonderful to see her confidence with computers. Thankyou. 

We are very pleased with Porsha’s computer skills since she started Computer Gym. Thank you for a great work.

We are pleased with Paris’s progress; she really enjoys the lessons and often talks about what she does in class! Thanks. 

I find the “skills assessment” very helpful and interesting as I never know how Joshua has learnt about the more difficult skills such as click and drag with the mouse and shutting down the computer as he usually has to compete with his brother to have a go at these tasks.

Keevin is loving Computer Gym. Thank You. 

I am very impressed in Talia’s knowledge using a pc. Worth every cent.

Everything is good. Please just date the homework page. 

Dear Lyn, thank-you for your comments on Jackson. He loves the computer and he really wants to learn. Keep the comments coming as I love reading them and like to see how he us developing. I also treasure and keep all the things he does.

Hi. Just letting you know I was very disappointed that Computer Gym had moved to another day. Lucas really enjoyed it and would always talk about it on our way home. Thank you for your time and just a shame you couldn’t continue. 

I was most impressed to receive the “report” on Harry’s progress for last term. I found it very interesting and informative to learn of his progress and areas that we can assist in developing.

Emily’s loving Computer Gym. 

A better payment method for single mums.

Thankyou for making this program so enjoyable for Sophie. She looks forward to Tuesdays. 

Jack thoroughly enjoys his time at Computer Gym and initiates computer use at home as a result. It is also helping him learn to read letters and think about putting words together. Well done Computer Gym.

It was lovely to meet Lara last week and to watch my children use the computer. 

Cooper is really enjoying his computer lessons and I’ve noticed how much he is improving. Thank you!

Ayesha loves the lessons. We would like to know what she does each lesson so we can reinforce at home – at present we don’t really know what they do when, other than through Ayesha. 

Tiarna loves Janet and Computer Gym and talks constantly about it.

Keep up the great work Nikitas loves his computer lessons! Many thanks. 

Thank you for your fantastic service.

Mum on enrolling her child…”Best thing I ever did.”

I appreciate very much that you allow Zara make up classes when she has missed one!

Thank you Tianah enjoys.

Jack Francis loves the course! Can’t wait for next year.

My little boy Daniel is thoroughly enjoying his classes. Many thanks.

Thank you for a great year of Computer Gym she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bryan is so happy to be included in Computer Gym at his new preschool. He changed schools and one really great thing was that he now was able to learn computer. For some odd reason he was excluded from the lessons (even though I paid the preschool) and now he is really happy. The teacher was the same and made his transition to the new school all that much easier. Many thanks. Also he is enrolled at a different school next year and I will enquire if they have Computer Gym or will consider it.

Diba enjoyed the classes and I’m happy that the centre organized Computer Gym.

So far my older boy, Oliver is LOVING the classes. Sorry the 3yr old is just too little. 

I am really enjoying the feedback you write down in Savannah’s book after hr Monday class. She is really enjoying the time spent with you.

I see that Joshua from the feedback is really enjoying it. Is there any programs you can recommend for us to put on our home computer? Will you give us some feedback about how Joshua is going in the class? 

It’s a shame that she’ll be out of action for a while, as she just loves her lessons and looks forward to her homework. Thank-you.

My daughter is really enjoying doing Computer Gym. It is also good to get feedback on how they are achieving as I did when she got her little award last week. 

Cody loves his Computer Gym classes.

Shelby is now teaching her classmates how to use the computer. Thankyou. 

Ella is thoroughly enjoying Computer Gym and looks forward to completing an activity sheet each week in her book at home. It was also great to receive her “Skills Assessment” in the mail, we then can see how she is progressing.

Amber is really enjoying her lessons and looks forward to them and her homework. 

Thankyou for the great job your doing with Jordan.

I am very happy that Dario is learning a lot in the Computer Gym course. He is very confident and at home he enjoys a lot of children games and CD ROMS from the public library. Fantastic. Thankyou. 

Absolutely loving the Computer Gym. Great job!

Kate loves Computer Gym and has really improved her computer skills and language. 

Holly has been enjoying her sessions. The kids share laptops. I wondered whether they could get a longer go on a dedicated laptop (i.e. one per child).

Jenny is great. Tim really loves her. 

Keinan has really enjoyed his computer lessons with you and we feel this will give him an edge next year.

Many thanks. Oscar seems to really be enjoying the program. Hope you run it again next year. 

Computer Gym is Pierce’s favourite thing about crèche. Thanks.

My son Jake loves your classes and we are very happy that they are being offered again. 

Thank you for the time Sheridan was in Computer Gym, she did enjoy it.

Our son enjoys it very much and we can see his progress with our lap at home. Keep on challenging the kids! 

Pierce loves his computer sessions. His confidence is growing and he is now giving his computer a go at home. I’m thrilled. I love the assessment because it gives me insight I otherwise would not have. Thanks.

Lauren is loving Computer Gym – she wants to do it everyday. She especially loves her special book with activities. I have noticed an improvement in her letter and number recognition and writing.

Thank you for the time you spend with Blake. This time with you has done wonders for his confidence with computers.