My child already knows how to use a computer. What benefits will they gain?

Computer skills are only a small part of what your child will learn and children will develop those skills as they progress through the lessons. A more important part of what we do is provide access to a huge range of other learning opportunities. We use over 50 different software titles to build skill areas such as maths, problem solving, art, music, literacy, environment, health, sharing, confidence and much more.

What if I have a computer at home?

That’s fine, and if your child knows how to effectively use a computer that’s fine too. It will allow your child to fully focus on what Computer Gym is really about: using our great activities to offer heaps of new learning opportunities.

What if I don’t have a computer at home?

That doesn’t matter. For pre-school children 30 minutes of computer access per week is a good amount of exposure. We don’t require children to practice skills at home or do computer-based homework.

Is my child too young?

Every child is different, but generally children between 3 and 4 will be ready to start lessons. If you are unsure, we can begin lessons and see. If your child is not yet ready to attend lessons we will let you know and refund any fees paid in full. Sometimes it might take 3 or 4 weeks to decide for sure – even then it will cost you nothing.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes. Whenever you want to finish lessons, just call our office and let us know. It’s pretty rare, but if our lessons don’t interest your child they can stop at any time. Any fees paid for lessons not attended will be refunded. We never force children to attend against their wishes.

Why not wait until school?

We get constant feedback from parents about how glad they are that their child did Computer Gym before going to school. Their children approach the computer with a lot more self-confidence and can make the most of the limited computer time they usually get at school. Remember too, that Computer Gym is about more than computers. Children will gain exposure to a broad range of topics specially suited to the pre-school year.

How much are lessons?

Depending on the package chosen by your child care centre or kindergarten, the weekly fee ranges from $10 to $12.50.

Can I pay for lessons each week?

No – it creates too much extra work for your child’s teacher or carer and our teachers. Instead we offer the option of breaking your term fees into two instalments.

When and where are lessons held?

A Computer Gym teacher visits at the same day and time each week. Lessons are held in your child’s room or a nearby room. There is no need for you to be taking your child anywhere or for you to attend lessons.

Other Questions?

Please ring Computer Gym on 1300 766 736 during office hours. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.