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Full of learning and fun . . . Computer Gym teachers provide weekly computer-based lessons to Australian pre-school children at childcare centres, pre-schools and kindergartens.

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Term 4, 2016 – My Learning Adventure

Computers are powerful educational tools. Research has shown that computers give excellent support to young children’s development and learning. Logical thinking and problem solving is the basis of future learning and encourages the development of early academic skills. The software


Term 3, 2016 – I Feel Great

It’s time to get active at Computer Gym! With the Commonwealth Games starting soon and an increasing focus on the health of our children, this term’s topic comes at a great time. Many of our activities this term will be


Term 2, 2016 – Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures In this term we’ll be exploring the wonderful world of animals in our Computer Gym lessons. Skills we cover include: animal life cycles, the seasons and changes in animals, matching animals and their habitats, animal’s need for camouflage,