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Full of learning and fun . . . Computer Gym teachers provide weekly computer-based lessons to Australian pre-school children at childcare centres, pre-schools and kindergartens.

Latest News From Computer Gym

Learning Literacy

Term 1, 2016 – Learning Literacy

We’ll be welcoming many new children to Computer Gym lessons over the next few weeks. We’ve got lots of fun in store. As well as the ‘usual’ Computer Gym learning opportunities, there will be a special focus on early literacy.


Term 4, 2015 – Let’s Get Ready

Children love using computers. The role of your Computer Gym teacher is to utilise this enthusiasm for computers, motivating your child to develop their early academic and social skills as they enhance their learning technology skills. This term’s lessons have


Term 3, 2015 – Maths Fun

This term we will be using some fantastic software to explore early childhood maths topics. We’ll make pictures and tessellations, as well as look at concepts such as ‘same & different’, sorting and sizes. Positional and directional words will also